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(LATE ENTRY - Please check back in  a couple of days or follow the HPS1 discord or my twitter for release. Thanks for understanding.)

God of Thieves - Tree of Blood is dark puzzle adventure visually inspired by early first person dungeon crawlers. As the goddess of rogues, you've been summoned by a clan that hopes to defeat a mysterious branching plague which grows within a treacherous citadel riddled with traps and illusions.  To act on the material plane you must possess their bodies, and every failure shapes the future of your clan and perhaps the world.

  • A short and replayable adventure with multiple endings as your choices affect dialogues and puzzles.
  • Accessible gameplay with no combat, menus, stats or grinding of any sort.

Placeholder art includes cave painting by David Revoy (CC 3.0, heavily modified as background for the cover).


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i dont believe the cover asset is not yours because number one the art looks way off from the assets from the bottom the font for tree of blood looks way diffrent from the top one if it was yours you would most likely put the same fonts colours  and the art so more people would believe its yours  make the art look more like yours. and no im not jealous goodbye :)

I'm on mobile now but I'll be happy to provide a link to the resources I've used as soon as I'm home :)

And thanks for reminding me to get back on this project!

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EDIT I changed the cover so this whole post is now outdated.

Finally had time to read your message more carefully. I did make both pieces of placeholder art. The differences in color are on purpose since the goal of the title screen is to look like a DOS game. So the cover is a full color piece, while the title screen is meant to look like a very old game. I actually made the title screen by getting the exact same text from the cover and limiting the resolution and pallete on Photoshop until I got the nice dithering I wanted.

Anyway, here are some sources:

For the logo I used this PSD ("Free For Personal And Commercial Use")

The background art is this painting, which I found while searching for public domain art but I just realized this is actually CC 3.0, meaning I should attribute credit! I'll fix that immediately. 

The swords are from here ("Free for commercial use, No attribution required")

I understand you may feel bad that I asked about the things you were sharing here, but let me be clear that there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with resources made by other people, as I just exemplified. You just have to be careful with what resources you can share legally, and which ones you can't (like those made with art from commercial games). I'll be glad to help you make cool stuff, hit me up if you want to talk.