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Route 64 is a 50k Pix64 game (5 carts to be exact) where you take the role of an anonymous driver caught in the middle of a chase involving a gang of heavily armed bad guys before they leave the city. As with any good action movie car chase, a collision with innocent civilian traffic is in order, and it's up to you to be in the right place and the right time to be that poor, probably uninsured soul.

Elements in Pix64 are color coded:

  • You move your blue car with the arrow  keys or WASD;
  • Avoid any red pixels, being specially careful of flying shots that ricochet and wrap around the screen;
  • Hitting yellow pixels removes them from the screen;
  • For the first 4 levels, you must simply survive. For the last level, hit the green weak spot on the bad guys van before the timer expires.
  • While your first reaction might be dodging frantically, the winning strategy is to find the safe areas and maneuver into them quickly and carefully.

To play, place the .PNG files in Pix64's "Carts" folder.

Pix64 is a tiny Fantasy Console by ZappedCow - Download

Graphics based on 1-bit Cars by pixelartmOpen Game Art

Made in 2 hours for the Fantasy Console Jam.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTi R²
Tags1-bit, fantasy-console, fc_jam, pix64

Install instructions

Pix64 is required to run. Simply put the images in the downloaded file inside the Carts folder.


ROUTE64.zip 51 kB

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